Vehicle auction

Auction rules are required to be follow according to the revised code of washington state (rcw 46.55.130). Failure to comply will result in removal from future events.

Are you in the market for a car, truck, or s-u-v? Here at lakewood towing, we hold an abandoned auto auction every 2 weeks of every month.

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1. In accordance with the revised code of Washington (RCW 46.55.130) the above named will sell to the highest bidder for each vehicle Described below Abandoned Vehicle Auction Rules.
2. Only those who provide a copy of their valid State Driver’s License, or an Auto Dealers License may sign in to bid on vehicles.
3. Stay out of the vehicles! If you don’t stay out of the vehicles, you will be asked to leave the lot and banned from future auctions.
4. The name and address of your driver’s license or business license is the only name and address that will be put on the AVR.
5. You cannot buy a vehicle for someone else.
6. You must sign in and receive a bidder number to bid on vehicles.
7. Follow all the auctioneers’ instructions, and make sure he can hear your bid and bidder number.
8. Tax is added to all bids.
9. No Parking is allowed on any of the paved areas before or during the auction.
10. All vehicles must be paid for in cash and cash only immediately after the auction. Vehicles not paid for by 4:30 PM the day of the auction will be sold to the second bidder, and the first bidder will be banned from future auctions.
11. All vehicles must be off the property by 4:30 PM the day following the auction. Vehicles not removed by then will be impounded, the buyer will be responsible for all impound and storage charges, and will be banned from future auctions until all charges are paid.
12. Removing the vehicles from the lot is the buyer’s responsibility we do not move vehicles, or set vehicles outside. You must make the coordination with the buyers of other vehicles to ensure that you get yours out.
13. The lot will be locked at 4:30 PM sharp every day. Make sure you are out by then.
14. Vehicles are sold complete with everything inside. Do not empty the vehicle out, or leave trash on the lot. Violators will be banned from future auctions.
16. If you want us to tow your vehicle from the auction, at an additional fee, just give one of our representatives the information.
17. There are no children allowed.

In accordance with the Revised Code of Washington (RCW 46.55.130) Lakewood Towing will sell the vehicles listed below to the highest bidder.