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If your property is having parking issues, Lakewood Towing & Transport can help with a parking solution.
If your property is having parking issues, Lakewood Towing & Transport can help with a parking solution. Impounds are removed from your property quickly, discreetly, and professionally. Is someone parked in front of a dumpster or in a fire lane? Just give us a call and the next available truck is on its way! Even if you are repaving and need a few vehicles moved someplace else on the lot, we can handle it. For over 35 years, more than 400 businesses, apartment complexes, and property managers have placed their trust in us and you can too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle Removal Cost
All impound and storage fees are charged to the last registered owner of the vehicle. If the vehicle is abandoned, stripped, and full of trash, it is considered a “junk” vehicle and there could be a hulk removal charge.
Impound Laws
Any property owner or person authorized in writing by the property owner or manager may impound an unauthorized vehicle. If you have our towing signs posted, or have property that is residential, you may tow immediately. Otherwise you must wait 24 hours before towing the vehicle. RCW 46.55.063 says that we must have a written towing contract with you before we can act.
What Happens When I Call?
First, we will make sure we have a towing contract with you and the person calling is empowered to authorize the impound. We will then coordinate a meeting place with you to have the “Authorization to Impound” contract signed. A driver will be dispatched and will usually arrive within an hour or at a specific time designated by you.
Do I Have To Post Before I Remove?
No, as long as the impound will comply with RCW 46.55.070. We provide free “parking tickets” to post at your discretion warning people that their vehicle is in danger of being towed. The tickets are in 2 parts, one for your records, the other to post on the windshield.
Do I Need To Be Present To Remove A Vehicle?
Yes. RCW 46.55.080 says that the person signing the impound must be present at the time and place of the impound to sign an “Authorization to Impound” contract. This is not only the law; it also protects our drivers and provides a means to settle the issue with the offending party before the vehicle is impounded.
Do I Have To Appear In Court?
The law requires that we give every customer that redeems a vehicle a “hearing request” form. If they feel their vehicle was impounded improperly, they may file the form at the local district court and receive a court date. A notice will also be sent to us and the person authorizing the impound. The hearings are informal and usually last about 10 minutes. Some advice…be on time, be organized, and bring all documents and evidence.